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Pastoral Care

Badminton is a happy and supportive community with a strong sense of purpose. We value individuality; girls, whatever their interests or personality, can be themselves.

Girls are encouraged to be supportive of one another and to appreciate that there is a niche here for everyone. The girls are tolerant, caring and willingly participate, they have a well-developed sense of fun and love of life. There is an absence of pettiness at Badminton.

We provide a supportive and nurturing atmosphere and there is always someone to talk to. Each year group has a Head of Year who liaises closely with parents and with the teaching and resident staff to ensure all girls are coping with their work, are happy in class and in their House, and are interacting well with their peers. In addition, every girl has a tutor who sees her daily.

Our vertical House system encourages girls to work together across the year groups and enjoy competitive activities including sport, drama, debating and dance. New girls are given a guide before they join the School who looks after them for the first two weeks of term. As many girls join Badminton in Years 7 and 9, we organise integration days and weekends with team building exercises to help everyone feel at home and welcome as soon as possible.

Small classes ensure that every girl is known and included and that help is at hand, whenever needed. In addition, we have a whole support network of staff who have expertise in understanding what it means to be a girl in todays’ world.

Sixth Form girls volunteer for training as peer mentors who are easily contactable in school and listen and advise younger girls. We also have three Heads Girls and a Sport and Assistant Sport Captain who have particular responsibility for helping girls lower down the School.

The School Medical Centre and external counsellor are available for everyone and provide sound advice in a confidential environment.

Pupils are warm and open in their dealings with staff and build relationships based on mutual respect. At the end of term, it is a tradition that every girl shakes hand with every member of staff to signify respect for each other at the end of term and wish each other well. Implicit is the reassurance that next term will bring a fresh start, that there is mutual respect concern and understanding.